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Discussion in 'Politics' started by FatAlbert, Aug 7, 2018.



  1. Is theft. I believe in charity.

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  2. I believe the state must force people through violence and coercion to take care of others.

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  1. Tedkennedy

    Tedkennedy Woodsman

    May 17, 2016
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    Think about this:
    Pretend you're an unambitious slacker, but manage to get a job with the US guvmint administering welfare, WIC, Housing, what have you.

    Sarah Miller, unwed mother with two darling children and no job comes in. You assist Ms. Miller, and get her all she can get. (maybe even fudge a little, it's for the children, right?)

    Multiply this over and over....and think about the ramifications of sterling figures like Sarah actually getting OFF's job security.

    The folks in administration do all they can to get young ladies like Sarah ALL the FREE (to them) stuff they can. That their job.

    I don't really even see this as the main point. The MAIN point is, every dollar that gets stolen from me to pay for Sarah's little darlings, is a dollar that WON'T go to make MY little darlings advance. Real freaking simple.
  2. FatAlbert

    FatAlbert Sniper
    Trusted Trader

    Mar 25, 2015
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    They don't give a shit about fraud lmao. The people giving out the benefits will coach you how to fraud the system. You've got to be a privileged mother fucker living behind your white picket fence and shopping at whole foods to believe the welfare system in this country is run rampant with fraud.
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