Uhhhh...why's everything green?

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Apr 10, 2016
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NV, dummy. Duh

This was my first time running a clip on at range. It was a damn blast! Should have some more pics for you guys and gals at a later date, but this is minimal from what I took on my cell.

I know there are differences when shooting at night. You don't have, visible at least, a lot of the indicators that you have during the day, especially mirage. I'm a mirage whore when it comes to calling wind. You ain't got that at night. Grass blades? Don't have the resolution. No trace. No spawl to pick up on. Pop a dirt berm with enough energy and you get a dirt cloud. Field fire? A miss is a miss. Can't tell where you missed. Good thing? It's nightime. Wind has died down considerably from the daytime.

Another lesson remembered. Gear management is key at night. Knowing your rifle is key.

Impact Precision 737r action with a Proof Research barrel chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor.
Nightforce ATACR F1 7-35 with Tremor 3 reticle.
MPA chassis
PVS27 Gen3+ clip-on

I have a .4 mil POI shift straight up from my normal dope with the PVS27. Not bad and easily accounted for on my end.

First shot. Headshot at 300. Next shot, center punch chest at 845. Next? Fuck it, go strait 1200. First miss. Didn't see the change in wind. From there? No issues at 1200. Lit that ipsc up. Messed around at varying distances and targets between 450 and 1200 for a while. With my last 4 rounds, decided to go for a mile. I had no luck. Hit the the dirt berm on shot 4, but I was just basically trying to box the plate and luck into a hit. That was rough with the under powered 6.5 at night. Lobbing that thing out there and no real idea where misses fell. And 20x sucks at 1 mile.

Had a damn blast down here at Arena with some good buddies. Buddy's SCAR16 with a good nods setup was at blast. Offhand at 300 with a red dot like a machine. 450 was more of a 50% hit rate.

Oh, and titanium cans SUCK at night. The ablative flash is intense. Don't think that you are hiding whatsoever at night if shooting with a Ti can. It's a flame thrower.

Pic through the scope kinda sucks, but you get an idea what things look like. Limited to about 20x max magnification or things pixelate beyond use. I didn't need my IR laser given conditions. Gain is set down to around 50% or so as well.


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