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Jul 15, 2015
Central Hades
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Got some organization done over the last couple of weeks. It freed up a bunch of space I desperately needed.

My scrap wood “tool wall” it’s only attached to the wall in two places due to wiring and pipes behind the wall The weight is all on the workbench.
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All my measuring and layout tools. I have developed a problem with expensive measuring things
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Looks way nicer than my shop area... I'd take a picture, but there's an inch of sawdust on everything.

It's kind of like playing in a sandbox really.
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Jul 1, 2015
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That’s about how mine was. It was to the point that it was interfering with getting anything done due to the mess.

now that basement is done I am going to tackle the mess in garage,meaning ,clean, organize and finally having a true place to work. Complete with dust vacuum system. Its going to be monumental project but that's going to be my spring,summer project. I like your setup. I do need to update some hand saws and clamps. I have stuff from 35 years ago.
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