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Mar 25, 2015
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I hate the circumstances and need for your box, but it looks really good. You did him right.
Thank you. My mom asked me to do it. I’m happy with how it turned out but I wish I had a couple days more notice to have made it a bit nicer.

Sorry to hear about your uncle, that's a nice thing you did. How did you work the magnets in?
Used a forstner but to recess a small magnet in each corner of the box and they. I used opposite polarities on the front two vs the back two so that the front of the lid went toward the front of the box. Only because the lid for a little better that way. Between the tight fit of the lid to the box without the magnets, and then adding the magnets it takes a bit of effort to get the top off. So god forbid it tips over the lid isn’t coming off by accident.
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Jul 1, 2015
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My uncle passed away last week. My mom asked if I could make a box for his ashes (I’m not sure if it would still be called an urn). I only had a day to do it but it was probably the most important thing I’ve ever made. It’s made of red oak and some Bubinga for the lid frame and feet. The lid fits real tight and has rare earth magnets at each corner as well. Last thing I wanted was it to fall over and the lid pop off.

I will say, I don’t think I will ever make anything with red oak again, that stuff is a bitch to work with.
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nice job, may he rest in peace
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