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Spike’s Tactical Raffle

Discussion in 'Good News, Charity Auctions and 501c3 Raffles' started by dougiemac, Mar 8, 2018.

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    Spike’s Tactical Raffle

    Purchase your raffle ticket for a chance to win a Spike's PHU Spade Rifle along with a $250 shopping credit at for swag, hats, and t-shirts of your choice. The value of this raffle package is $2375.00.

    Our friends at Tactical Medical Specialist reached out to us and told us about their plan to provide training and medical supplies for teachers in SW Florida,Lee, Collier and Charlotte Co . The test class has 30 students and scheduled for March 30th.

    When they told us about this initiative we wanted to get involved. All proceeds of this raffle will be going to Tactical Medical Specialist to pay for the medical kits that they will be providing to the attendees. All purchasers will be put in a spreadsheet and pulled from a number generator. The Raffle will be drawn FB live on March 23rd.

    This is something everyone can get behind. Teachers should be armed with the knowledge and tools to stop the bleed in any emergency situation.


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    I would buy several of it would help the #MookieDefenseFund