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GA Sig 320 FT

Howard Law


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Mar 27, 2015
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Item Name: Sig 320

Location: Acworth

Item is for: FT/FS

Sale Price: $650

Caliber: 9mm

Item Description: Began life as a regular Carry model. Previous owner had that frame stippled. It's done by a real company and is really nice, not some BS. I bought the X Series Compact frame and X Series trigger from sig. I put new Trjicons on it literally like a month ago when GFL had that Trijicon night sights deal going on. Slide is Grey Ghost precision and milled for DPP, RMR, Romeo 1. I have that box and additional mounting hardware. https://greyghostprecision.com/ggp320-slides/

***Ignore the TB and old suppressor height sights in the one pic. That is the only pic I have with the X Frame in it.***

For an AR upper. 556 (if a shorty boi) or 223 Wylde (if a
longy boi) preferred. I also prefer it to not be a shit brand but middle of the road is perfectly fine. Certain home builds are fine too but this isn't junk and I don't want your fucking junk. That's pretty fair IMO... Holler at me.

Trade value is going to be a bit higher depending on how you want to think of it. Cash is king and ill take the loss here for cash but trading wise just keep in mind this is a $450 gun with a $400 slide and another $150 frame and trigger and brand new $100 sights.

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