Shopping for new truck tires, opinions?


Jan 5, 2016
Cumming, GA
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BFG KOs have always been my go to for a quieter ride with good off road capabilities. Generally I get 60k out of a least the 3 sets on 3 trucks I used to have. My brother swears by the Grapplers...he runs em on a 3/4 ton Dodge and claims he's done 40k and they haven't lost half their tread depth yet. On my daily (Accord) I just swapped to my 2nd set of michelins(defenders)...first set got me 80k. I'm pretty sold on the cost of Michelin tires being worth their long term performance...but I've never ran them on a truck.

Willy Leadwell

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Mar 26, 2015
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The last set of tires I had on my truck before the the Michelins were Nitto. Traction was great, but they wore quickly, unevenly and were badly cupped by the time I took them off. I didn’t wear them out, I took them off because of the poor condition they were in.


Jul 8, 2015
Another vote for ko2. I've had them on my last two trucks and they performed great. Had cooper ats on a truck and only got 30k.
Had Goodyear wrangler on my last truck and they were a solid performer as well.
Sep 19, 2015
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On my second set of Nitto trail grappler MTs. Absolutely love them. Great traction and very little hum on the highway. First set lasted around 80000 miles with being rotated every 5000 miles.
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Oct 12, 2018
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I feel your pain. I just sunk a small fortune on 20 inch tires for the factory 20 inch rims the Dodge put on the SLT model that year. Decided I need a set of Bilsteins, it had to have upper A arms as well. So now it needs a four wheel alignment. I bought mine from Wheel Warehouse and managed to keep the tires under 800. Beats the price of the Perellis I had on there but not by much.

I had taken it to the shop up from me to see how much they would do it for. Everything was twice what I paid for the parts I bought and the labor was exactly the same as the parts. They wanted 250 for the shocks and 250 for install. That wasn't Bilsteins either. Those were 268 for all four. They wanted 250 for the upper A arms and 250 for the install. I bought both arms from Moog for 138, there was a 25% off sale. So it looks like I am going to be installing shocks and A arms and let them do the tires. The only thing that was reasonable. 40 for all 4 that includes discarding the tires and 70 for a four wheel alignment. Labor is getting way out of hand these days.