SET’s 4th Anniversary


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Aug 26, 2014
North Georgia
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June 22nd is SET’s 4th anniversary!

I’ll be honest. I never think about the ODT, and because of that I don’t speak about them. However when reflecting back on our history, it’s difficult to not think about our origins. Especially what was said early on about this amazing community.

They said we wouldn’t last a year. They said we wouldn’t grow. They said that people will only come here when they get banned from the ODT. They said that when given a chance to return to the ODT, they’d not come back to SET. They said we were a band of goons and a motley crew of rejects. They tried to create drama and division. They tried to spy and screenshot. Then they began to imitate. They said, they said, they said... I’m so glad WE don’t listen to “THEY”.

This site has never been about being a money machine. It’s always been a labor of love. This site has never been about me, but about “US”. WE are Southeast Traders. This site is every bit of yours as it is mine. There would be no site without the mods and admins who have donated countless hours helping the site grow or the cast of characters who call this place home with their daily banter and classified ad postings. Some are more vocal than others. But regardless I am sincerely appreciative and grateful for every one of you.

My only ask is to keep talking about SET to others. Keep promoting it on social media, to your friends, family, work colleagues, etc. keep wearing the SET branded gear. Keep posting regularly. And most important keep being the greatest community on the Internet.

Thank you all. I am sincerely humbled and grateful.