Sandman K SET group buy


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Jul 12, 2015
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I know you Guys don't really know me, and I finally gave, up and started a new profile. Recently had to get a new cheap but phone, and a laptop that's been factory reset by my son, I live in Tuscaloosa co. The locksmith crew, and the pawn shop crew will vouch for me, if you need. I'm retired allready/divorced, and all !! Lol I just do a bit of building, when I have time. But anyway, if y'all will allow me to, I would like to get in on the next rattle can group buy. If you are truly saving enough to justify doing that way??? I have a question also , say "JOEBOB" is tiered of the one his wife got him 2yrs ago, etc,. Can he take it to an FFL dealer and transfer to "Billysmith" if Billy does the new tax stamp??? Also If you Guy's don't trust me, I will understand, I do keep to myself, lol. Thanks

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This is the first group buy I’ve done. I can discount because of the quantity I’m buying.

Transferring a silencer is the same process as if you were purchasing a new silencer. You’ll have to go to a SOT to file a Form 4 and pay the $200 tax stamp.
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