Round count.

How much ammo do you like to keep stored?

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  • 3000rds

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  • 5000+ rds

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  • Too much to count

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Mar 7, 2018
Newnan, GA
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CCI Blaser 147gr 9x19 is cheapest at TargetSportsUSA, with prime. $165+tax, no shipping charges, $177 taxed and shipped with 7% tax.
That’s my subsonic load. Thanks for the info.


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Dec 25, 2019
Loganville ga
Yeah, ammo is so cheap it has to be.

Here's my philosophy. Take a gander back in time at previous ammo shortages and how long they've lasted. The potential coming scare in Dec 2020 could overshadow anything we've seen. How much ammo do you shoot per cartridge/yr. Take that times 2 (approximate length of time it's taken to get from empty shelves to an ammo glut) and then multiply that by the number of years you anticipate living. Ammo is as cheap as it'll ever be. Take up fasting if you must. Introduce your kids to the Salvation Army and Ramen. Just keep buying ammo.
Yep I remember empty shelves for quite a while. Always stockin up. Even calibers of stuff i dont own.