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GA Rock Island M1903, ME 1 and TE 1 good bore $915


Jul 4, 2015
Rock Island M1903, ME 1 and TE 1 good bore $915

Rock Island M1903, made in 1918 with a WWII 5-44 High Standard barrel, good bore and muzzle, scant grip stock, rifle came from CMP. Serial number is 312xxx.

ME 1 and TE 1

Rebarreled in 1944 for service in WWII

Rock Island Arsenal produced a total of 346,000 M1903s while Springfield produced 1,340,000

The Model 1903 was officially adopted as a United States military bolt-action rifle on June 19, 1903, and saw service in World War I. It was officially replaced as the standard infantry rifle by the faster-firing semi-automatic eight-round M1 Garand starting in 1936. However, the M1903 Springfield remained in service as a standard issue infantry rifle during World War II, since the U.S. entered the war without sufficient M1 rifles to arm all troops. It also remained in service as a sniper rifle during World War II, the Korean War, and even in the early stages of the Vietnam War. It remains popular as a civilian firearm, historical collector's piece, a competitive shooting rifle, and as a military drill rifle.