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GA Remington Smoot 2nd Model

Howard Law


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Jan 3, 2020
Statham, GA
Remington Smoot 2nd Model in .32 RF. I don't have my books in front of me right now to verify, but if memory serves this would be a 1879 production.

Originally nickel with few traces of the original finish remain. Metal has faded to a nice even patina. Original grips with a social security number written inside on both sides.

Serial number is 139 stamped on both the inside of the grip frame and reciver.

Mechanically sound. Action works as it should. Trigger is crisp and releases cleanly. Main spring is still strong. Cylinder spins well with positive clicks at half cock.


Shipping is available for an additional fee. Since this is an antique I can ship it to your door. Buyer is responsible for knowing local laws.

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