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Mar 26, 2015
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My uncle (my mother's younger brother) passed away last night. It was almost exactly 11 months to the day since my mother passed. He lived in California and is survived by his life partner.

My uncle has been HIV+ since he was 27 years old and lost his 1st life partner to AIDS at 35. For him to survive as long as he did is amazing. The drug cocktails and primarily AZT usually help give some extra years. I may have also been the fact that he was a red head that help him survive as long as he did.

When I was younger, he was like the big brother I never had and help my mom take care of my brother and I after she divorced my father.

He lived on an estate of one of his longtime friends as caretaker out in Pollock Pines. He also had another benefactor who purchased an annual lift ticket at Lake Tahoe as he loved to snowboard and did so until he passed.

His great aunt, my brother and I are the only surviving family members. He has many friends and from what I know he will be cremated and his ashes spread on Lake Tahoe.


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Aug 31, 2018
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Prayers lifted for you and your uncle's friends and other loved ones in this difficult time.
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