Power Outages in your neck of the woods


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Mar 26, 2015
Locust Grove, GA
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Figured we might as well have a thread for it. I know sometimes we all want to know.

12:50pm Georgia Power- Locust Grove of hwy 42 at our near Tanger including my grove park neighborhood power is off unt 3:15pm. Got online and saw the report and heard sirens 15 minutes later so I wonder how they know how long it will take to get restored.

Thinking about driving around to see if I can find the issue. At my old address it used to be squirrels arcing out transformers and the fuses sounded like a 12 ga when they popped.

We did have an accident with a fatality back on the 14th down from the post office heading towards Jackson on 42. SUV and Dumptruck. Killed a woman in the SUV and had thr road shut down in both directions for several hours.
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