GA Nissan Datsun 720 parts

Howard Law


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Feb 1, 2016
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Lots of nice parts left over from a very low mileage 720 4x4 pickup and a few from a 151k mile truck.
All parts are in excellent mechanical condition or I would not have kept them when I scraped the host truck.

I rebuilt a wrecked truck several years ago and boxed these up to keep just in case.
Parts have been stored in sealed boxes in a controlled environment with the exception of the steering column.
It was just hung on the shelving in the garage by a rope and has some rope damage to the steering wheel itself but it's a complete column with key!
$200 obo cash or trade.
Shoot me some trade offers.
I like Silver bullion and junk coins, old 22 rifles, small bore shotguns, cco and compact 1911, compact and subcompact 9mm, hand forged knives and axes, redheads with green eyes and long walks on the beach.

If you are a 720 guy, you know whats what here and if you don't, please ask. Need them all gone together as a lot.
I can add cash, silver, maybe guns if needed.
Let's work out a deal if you need good 720 parts.

Each pic is of same parts, just different angles so you can see everything.

Cartersville, GA

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