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If you're new to a forum, it can be overwhelming. However it's not difficult really. Here's a few tips to get you started on the right foot. In no time you will be a forum ninja!

1. Screen name: When you signed up, did you use your real name as your username or a screen name? You can use either, however many users prefer a screen name or call sign. If you used your real name and want to switch it to a screen name, no worries. Just contact an admin by posting in the private help section.

2. What do I do first? I'd suggest look around. Click on links. Read a few threads that may interest you. Take your time and "lurk" until you feel comfortable. Then when you do, make your first post an introduction in the "Introduce Yourself" forum. Write something as simple as what part of the country you're from, what your hobbies are, if you have any particular interests, if you are an expert in some area that could be beneficial to others, give a shout out to your business, what you like to shoot (Glocks, Sigs, 1911's, J-frames, shotguns, AK's, etc.) or if you're a hiker, kayaker, fisherman, hunter, etc. Just some general bio stuff so we can get to know you better.

3. Find a forum: Find a forum, (listed by topic) and look through those threads. Find one of interest to you and read the discussion. If you like a comment, click "Like". If you want to participate, then write a comment and click "Reply". If you have a topic of your own you'd like to discuss, then click "Post New Thread" at the top and give it a title and post your content. The content could be a question, a news story, create a Poll question, post a photo, post a DIY how to tutorial, post a classified ad, or a random thought, whatever it is jot it down and publish and watch the discussion grow.

4. Site Supporter: If you enjoy the site, consider becoming a supporter by becoming a Site Supporter. You can do so by clicking on your screen name at the top and in the drop down menu, click on Account Upgrades. There you can become a Site Supporter or a Lifetime Supporter. Each provides you with access to Premium content areas and features.

The FEED: is a live stream of the discussions that are happening all over the site in real time! It's one of the most addicting things about the site.

Twin Peaks Lodge: This is the adult area of the site where the conversations and content are not for young eyes. It's a little risqué and a whole lot of fun! Once you are a Site Supporter or Lifetime Supporter, you can access this area.

Finally, this is supposed to be a fun place. Relax and enjoy yourself. Don't take things or yourself so serious. While you're here, if you should have any questions, please ask the community in the Public Help Section or contact one of our staff in the Private Help section and they will be happy to help you.

Thanks for visiting and joining our community!
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