Nov 16, 2015
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Two knives for sale

1- microtech ultratech (123-2 ums)
Ultratech t/e ums tactical partial serrated
Dated: 9/2019
Blade steel: the current king of knife blade steel: 204p
Never disassembled, never sharpened, never used to cut anything except a couple pieces of paper.
I switched the side placement of the pocket clip for a few days then switched it back. In doing so I nicked up the finish on the glass breaker (see pics)
When held in the right angle of light you can see pocket clip marks from where I switched it over (see pics).
If I were keeping it I would touch up the glass breaker with some automotive touch up paint but I didn't want make it appear as though I was covering anything up before selling it.
Asking $210

2- THE microtech socom elite!
(160-10) socom elite s/e stone wash standard
Dated: 05/2018
Blade steel: the (ckokbs) m390
What is weird is that I have carried this knife edc for about a month. I inspected it for carry marks but I can't find any marks.
I LOVE this knife AND it's hard to find in stock. I'm only selling it bc I just placed an order on bladehq for a socom elite serrated.
I've carried it but have only cut cardboard, paper, and a bit of 550 cord.
Never sharpened, never disassembled.
Asking $290

Will take $450 for package deal.

Only trade I would be interested in is a microtech combat troodon dagger blade with serrated edge

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