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SOLD Luxembourg FN 49 in 30-06 all matching


Jul 4, 2015
$1,400 for this rare MILSURP

Good condition, shoots flawlessly.

Luxembourg was the fourth country to order the SAFN 1949 rifles with the first order placed on October 4, 1950 and taking possession of the first 1,500 rifles by May 5, 1951. The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg would eventually purchase a total of 6,306 rifles including rifles specifically for Luxembourg's Gendarmerie, all in caliber
FN 49 Lux (1).jpgFN 49 Lux (4).jpgFN 49 Lux (5).jpgFN 49 Lux (6).jpgImbel L1A1 (2).jpg
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