IL Kalash Klub Stickers


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Nov 16, 2016
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We were never treated this good on the other site. We were harassed and censored, targeted and ostracized. I see we made a wise choice coming to SET!
They skeert. We're coming for them. Soon it'll be OD Who? Oh, that auction site that charges you for your classified?

I KNOW @dougiemac would never do something that douchie. Especially if he put up a poll asking what people thought about the idea and the members said no. He knows I'd just start calling him Douchiemac.

I still can't believe they did that shit.... I probably would've became a lifetime supporter over there if they hadn't done all that. Just ask for help. Now I refuse to give them any support. Don't fucking force shit on people. We've got a government that already does enough of that. Lmao!

Random rant over. Soooo.... How'd everyone sleep?


Naked drooling on my pillow.


Hard to be an Outlaw that ain't Wanted anymore
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Aug 31, 2018
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Hell, I thought these were for Kalash Klub only. If they are available to anyone, I'll take a large & a small. Someday, somehow, I plan to own as AK or SKS. like I've said, shot both, never owned either. Of course, @Leadhoof has a highland green AK I love along with the Cobray Terminator. he really should do some magic so I win some money, I'd be spending most of it with him. :pound: