Inherited a bunch of reloaded 30-30, what do I do with it?


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Aug 11, 2015
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Yep I just picked up a 30-30, I’m gonna send it down range!!

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Be careful. I had a similar situation with a S&W Model 29. Got some reloads from a family friend(who I later discovered had gotten them from someone else and he didn't actually reload them).

First round I fired I heard the primer ignite but it sounded like a .22LR and definitely NOT a .44 Mag and there was zero recoil. Fuck. Looked down range at my target and sure enough, no hole. First thought was to hold the gun down range for a few seconds(well, really about 30 seconds or so) and don't turn the cylinder in case of a hang fire. Second thought after making sure the gun was safe and clear was please dear God don't let me have just bulged my barrel with the first shot I've ever fired out of this thing. I got lucky and it was just a squib round and I was able to knock the bullet out of the barrel with no damage. Could have been a lot worse though. I could have bulged my barrel or even worse, it could have been a double charge and blew my gun up in my hand.

Ever since then I don't shoot reloads unless it's from Georgia Arms and I'm the one to buy them. I won't buy reloads second hand even if they are in the correct packaging for whatever manufacturer it is. It's just not worth it IMO. You don't have anything into it and by the time you buy a kinetic puller, take the time to pull apart 385 rounds of .30-30 and separate all of the components you're gonna be in the negative after you factor in time and the hassle of trying to sell all of that crap off. Shipping is gonna be a bitch too.