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SOLD Holosun 507c V2 with Trijicon QD mount

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Kalash Klub Mod
Kalash Klub
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Oct 14, 2019
This is a gently used Holosun 507c V2 with the side buttons. Red, multi-reticle. Purchased new from a local shop less than 6 months ago. It’s mounted on a Trijicon QD RMR mount.

I have the box, docs, and extra/additional sets of screws that came with.

I do not have the low profile factory mount.

glass is flawless
Housing is flawless
Trijicon knuckle has small paint marker used at a witness mark, can be wiped off.

220.00 shipped

CA8BC052-82DD-4AAA-8EC9-0708271869E4.jpeg E7BCD4E0-C63C-424C-B3C6-286C1702D7C3.jpeg FE4FB085-F6EC-4AA4-9C35-4A867E75E7D2.jpeg 80F5366E-298B-420E-9BCA-573714002C61.jpeg 4A7DAFC2-4C61-4CE1-ACA2-FD7F8A574AA8.jpeg
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