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GA FS/FT **$250 EACH**Six (6) 1940s Turkish K.Kale Mausers

GA Firing Line


May 7, 2016
Cumming, GA
I have 6 Turkish K.Kale mausers for sale or trade. All are bolt mismatches. I've taken a bunch of pictures of each but please dont hesitate to ask questions or for more pictures. Scroll to bottom for picture links.


Price & Trade Value:
$250 each

Want all seven? $1350

These rifles come with a three (3) day "No B.S." refund period meaning no shoot, no clean, no camouflage spray paint but if you get it home and decide it's not for you just send me a PM anytime during those 3 days and meet me at the Planet Fitness in Buford 10am-5:30pm Mon-Fri or Freedom Mill Country Store in Cumming during the weekend for your money back.

I have not fired or even taken apart any of these rifles. They will go to you as they came to me. It is the buyers responsibility to have a competent gunsmith determine your rifle is safe to fire.

Although cash is king I am interested in trades. My main trade interests are military surplus firearms, bayonets, surplus ammo, surplus parts and militaria but I'll take a look at whatever you'd like to offer. Worst I'll say is no thanks. Here's a link to some of the things I'm interested in:


1940 Turkish Mauser - 8720

1940 Turkish Mauser - 30370

1941 Turkish Mauser - 47611

>SOLD<1942 Turkish Mauser - 104258

1945 Turkish Mauser - 204019

1945 Turkish Mauser - 208461

1945 Turkish Mauser - 218650

Please look over the pictures carefully before contacting me. If you can't open the Imgur links just shoot me a PM with the rifle you're interested in and I'll send them over.

Thanks for looking!
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