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SOLD FDE modlite PLHv2, tobacco Reptilia 6v body, Surefire UE, Mod Button

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Kalash Klub Mod
Kalash Klub
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Oct 14, 2019
This is a super clean Modlite PLHv2 head in FDE mounted on a Tobacco Tan Reptilia 18650 body. Right side built in Mlok offset. Paired with an FDE Surefire UE tail cap and fired via a FDE modlite Mod Button. Set up costs quite a bit more than what I’m asking.

Will include 1 x 18650 rechargeable 6v battery.

glass is 100% clean
Body and small parts are in excellent shape

you cannot use CR-123 in any Modlite set up, this is specifically for rechargeable batteries.

you can use the PLHv2 head on mini (3v 18350) or full size (6v 18650) bodies if you ever purchased a mini body. The tail cap, button, and head would all translate if you decided you preferred the scout mini footprint

300.00 shipped

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