GA E92 328i BMW

Howard Law


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Oct 31, 2019
$7,000 (final price)
I have a 2011 328i for sale. 81xxx miles.
I have all maintenance records during my 3 years of ownership.
the car hasn't been abused or raced.
I used it as a second car as I have a work vehicle.
the car is mechanically sound and there are no current issues to my knowledge or error codes on the dash.
both automatic seatbelt holders work, both heated seats work, cup holders pop out as they should, etc, etc, etc.
wheels are aftermarket Apex Arc-8 17x9's and there is a fifth (spare) in the trunk.
the tires have about 60-70% tread life left and the brakes were recently done.
interior is an 8/10 the spoiler is sun faded and the paint could be better but is on par with cars its age.( minor scratches and dings) it's an honest car and the N52 motors are quite reliable.
this is also a 6 Spd manual which are getting tougher to find. I have the title in hand. no fuss no muss. also I would also be interested in trading titles(and maybe some cash on your end) for a clean XJ 4x4 Jeep Cherokee. feel free to ask any questions
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