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Mar 26, 2015
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Alright boys and girls, here is your chance to win a bitchin .22 suppressor. I am giving away a #DobbsDefense #ARC22 suppressor. Here is the link to Dogleg Arms to get the details of this can.

People who own one of these have raved about the performance and will tell you that it rivals the capabilities of any other suppressor. You will not be disappointed in this suppressor.

Please do not register for this unless you are eligible to own and have the ability to transfer.

This giveaway will not end before the GAW for the gun trust from in the event that the winner wins this GAW as well. I will only supply the suppressor, the tax stamp and transfer will be the responsibility of the winner. #DoglegArms will be the dealer the suppressor is coming from and Mike is a super great guy to deal with. Your transfer will be as smooth and easy. I have enjoyed my dealings with him and he is now my "go to" suppressor guy. There are several other members here who will testify to this. So, who can register?

1. Any member in good standing who has been active on the site for at least 3 months gets 1 entry.
2. If you are a site supporter you get 1 entry.
3. If you are a lifetime member you get 1 entry.
4. If you have over 6000 likes you get 1 entry.
5. If you are a staff member you get 1 entry.

So, this means that potentially, you may be able to enter up to 5 times total. In order to help our good buddy Dogleg Arms, post up a picture of a host gun that will be used or any other cool NFA gun pictures if you like. As always, Good Luck!

Edit: I have decided to draw winner on Saturday 28 Jan 2017 and unknown time. Get your entries in.
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Nov 16, 2016
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Damn! I'm not even at 2 months yet!!!!

I'm IN! And only 4951 likes away from my second entry! Lol
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