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Jul 1, 2015
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after u put the ice in there is no room for anything else


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Nov 16, 2016
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Well here is my cooler this morning at 6:45 with that same ice. You can see there is still a good bit of ice left down around the waters. I just drained it and was about to put 20# more ice on it. This will be a more accurate test. I filled it back up with waters last night before bed. So everything is chilled this time.3EDBB47E-50CA-4FB8-9E97-DA428D25FD70.jpeg
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Sep 1, 2015
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Had to get a cooler for my service truck so I can keep some waters. I had an Igloo and Coleman on trucks in the past. They just annoyed me. I'd get ice in the morning and it would be almost gone by the end of the day. I decided this time I'd pony up for a "Premium Cooler" this time. I didn't want a Yeti, preferred made in America, wanted something that would hold ice for more than 3 days, it needed to be capable of abuse from riding around in the bed of my truck everyday, and I wanted a good warranty. After some research I came upon Canyon Coolers of Flagstaff Arizona. They offer a full lifetime, transferable, no hassle, no fault Warranty. They are made in America. Their Outfitter 35 (which is the one I ordered) has a true 35 quart capacity. The Yeti 45 has a 37 quart capacity..... Let that sink in Yeti Bros..... They are also holding ice better than many (if not all) of their competitors in all the reviews I've found. One reviewer said it still had ice on day 7. Yeti, Orca, Grizzly, etc, not so much. Plus, they're running a Father's day special. 15% off. I bought mine this morning for $169 with free shipping. Needless to say, I'm stoked. I'll update when I get out with thoughts and performance. It should be perfect for tailgating, BBQing, carrying water for the job, and camping.

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I have a good friend of mine that sells Canyon coolers. They are awesome!

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Nov 23, 2015
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I might get that one for my Dad eventually. Let me know what you think. Forgot to check mine this morning.
Will do. It came last Friday about an hour after I left to go to Swainsboro to go shoot. That would have been a good test. Look like it is built tough and it dose have a drain. BTW have you used your new scale yet?