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Jul 15, 2015
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Putting some stuff that ive had for a while that im not sure if im going to build out or not. Mostly looking for cash. Might trade, but will be somewhat picky as there isnt much I need these days. Could use an LPVO, buffer tube kit, h335, geissele SD-SSP, maybe a quality 16”+ barrel

War sport AR9 16” barrel and flash hider with AR9 bolt. It isnt marked, but I believe its a New Frontier. I have put a few rounds through this with a glock mag lower and it ran great. $150 for bolt and barrel.

Noveske KX5 in 1/2-28, BNIB, the shiny spots in the pic are oil spots from the packaging and they wipe right off. $100

PWS Triad flash hider, almost new in box. Mounted and shot less than 200 rounds. One small mark on it that was there when I got it. $30

Ballistic advantage hanson profile 10.3” barrel with melonite gas tube in .300 blackout. Excellent condition, only a few hundred rounds fired. $17551A22E69-7063-4AF0-B345-CFF2CF53EC27.jpeg844C34F1-8F24-4DD0-AFDB-5F862517F739.jpeg9D51D242-E554-4F2A-9329-E6852F1D8955.jpegC80B0596-F3E4-4F68-98E6-1AE070DC75D0.jpeg7825F0F4-F14F-46CB-A51A-7AFFD4DF49C0.jpeg39279FC4-81C6-4EB6-B949-F8E73693C2D3.jpeg


Savage Squirrel Sniper
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Dec 5, 2016
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$150 on the ballistic advantage barrel
It’s just wrong that you live so close by and we haven’t met yet...

And I was just adding up my rifle-caliber weapons today and realized I have only 2 in 5.56, since I traded one to @Grunk last month. Then I started wondering what I’d build, since I’ve got a good longer-range mid-length gas 16”(but with crappy 3-9x40 Nikon glass), plus my short-range folding 10.5 pistol. Seems like I’ve got near and far covered.
In .308 I’ve got long range (20” Ballistic Advantage) covered, and with a second upper in a lightweight 16” with carbon fiber I can take that hunting.
But for really quiet, reasonably close-in hunting, that .300 with a Surge suppressor on it would be amazing. I could take that beast hog hunting and not have to use .308

Dammit, I was trying NOT to spend any more money on guns this month.
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