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SOLD AR-15 SPR Mark 12 Mod 1 Designated Marksman Rifle

GA Firing Line
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Jul 4, 2020
Thomson, GA
This is a SPR I built a few years ago. It is my most accurate rifle and was built for long distance shooting. I can consistently tack 700 meters without any effort.

Barrel is made to take OPS Inc Specialized Suppressor. This suppressor is made by Allen Engineering today.
AEM5 = http://aesuppressors.com/suppressors/AEM5.html

This is not made from KAC parts, but meets all the specs of the original MOD 1.
Leupold Scope is in MILDOT.
Does well with 62gr 5.56. Does really well with 77gr 5.56 Black Hills.

Attached is pictures and spreadsheet of original specs and build components used.

*Will do a simple bill of sale and request you have a carry license.

Asking $2000


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