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Oct 31, 2019
I've been giving serious consideration to starting a small mens group, maybe 1 or 2, up to 5 or 6 at most. Ultimately I would like it to be for men to come together to discuss whatever topic we come up with around a campfire or firepit-bring a cigar if you like or beer/whiskey/wine of your choice, whatever. My loose "criteria" would be A) that we live within 30 minutes to an hour of each other just so it's not too much difficulty to get together. B) Obviously jealous defenders of the right to own guns, and C) believers in God. I'm NOT a passive, love conquers all, turn the other cheek and be a doormat type that people have mistakenly come to THINK Christian men should be, but I also don't think that gives any license to act like the rest of the world cause all's forgiven either.
Some of the people I've followed on youtube to give you an idea- The Revolting Man. He's in Georgia and he's awesome. Bear Independent. He's ok, sometimes arrogant for my taste but I watch him anyway because he's got some good info. Reid Henrichs and Viking Preparedness. These can give you an idea of what "type" of person I am or strive to be.
I got this idea from someone I met and became fast friends with when I live north of craplanta but both of us have moved, me farther south and him to Kansas! So I'd just like to throw this out there to see if anyone is interested and we can discuss things from there. I'm thinking we can meet at a neutral location 1st then eventually move to either a set persons house if it's conducive or rotate to different "members" and meet maybe once a week, bi-weekly or even monthly if it's easiest. For reference I live about 45 minutes south of Newnan or north of Columbus (Georgia :) ) This is a loose outline just to gauge interest, if there is interest we can work out more details!
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Oct 14, 2019
I’m wayyyyy far away in Brunswick, but this is a pretty cool idea!