2/20/21 - Appalachian Approach Trail Trip - Photos

Preparedness Depot in Acworth, GA


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Aug 30, 2019
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Alright we’ll get right into it. It’s gonna be long so here’s the summary:
  1. this hike is brutal
  2. It was cold
  3. @DeanMoriarty is a tough SOB
All Pics will be at the bottom:

We all met up at my place the morning of 2/20. This was D’s first backpacking trip. J, L, and I have a fair amount of trips under our belt.

We started off by dropping D, J, and L off at the trail head. the overnight parking is about 2 miles from the trailhead with an entire mountain in the way. I left my pack with the group, went down, parked, then hiked up the falls and met up with them.

we got to hiking after that. J and L were moving and grooving, D and I were bringing up the rear. It took us from 11am - 5pm to make the 8 miles to Springer Mountain. We have all committed to lighter packs on the next trip lol. D learned a lot about which pack straps to pull to make for a more comfortable ride. D and I also had brought walking sticks which saved us on the elevation changes.

We did stop for a quick lunch around mile 4.

Exhaustion started to set in for all of us around mile 6, but we had the daylight left to make it to Springer. The views were awesome but the campsites are located a little further down the trail. We made our way to a spot and started setting up camp. The temp was already starting to drop so we got some hot food rolling and finally started relaxing. Lots of food, lots of laughs, and lots of pain related groaning until it got dark out. We hit the sack around 8:30 and settled in for a cold night. The temp got down to the low 20's and the wind would not let up.

We all survived, woke up, had a quick breakfast and coffee, packed up our shit, and starting moving. L brought a french press out there and that was the best coffee I've ever had in the woods.

The hike back was uneventful, we were tired, sore, and overpacked but we made it. D and I stopped at the top of the falls while L and J went the extra 2 miles down the falls and to the truck. They swung up there to pick us up and we gave a ride to two other overnighters who didn't want to hike all the way back to their cars lol.

Notable Moments:
  • D only slipped twice which is pretty darn impressive since there was icy mud on a lot of the trail
  • D and I overpacked significantly (Final Pack weights around 40lbs)
  • L had the lightest pack at 25 pounds and he was CRUISING the entire time
  • Hot hands are the best mental boost when it's cold
Overall we had a great freaking time. I don't think we stopped laughing the entire trip. Way too many jokes to count, quality locker room humor, and general misery made this trip an A+. This was the toughest thing I've done in a while and I am looking forward to more trips in the future!

I'll do a separate post when I get time going over my gear and what I am going to be changing moving forward.

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