Howard Law
  1. S

    For a site called SoutheastTraders...

    I sure have a hard time finding the classifieds. How about a link under “Quick Navigation,” or in the main menus, for a dummy like me? Thanks for the consideration.
  2. D

    Welcome, phil morrow

    Everyone take a second to welcome Phil Morrow, to our community! If you need any help figuring the site out just let us know! Thanks for joining and hope to see you around the community!
  3. dougiemac

    Marking Items SOLD vs Deleting the Coontent

    You can mark your ad as SOLD by going to Thread Tools > Edit Thread > Change Prefix from state abbreviation to "SOLD". Leaving the contents in the ad is helpful for SEO. Thank you
  4. dougiemac

    Creating A New Classified Ad

    Don't sweat this... it's super easy. Go to the Classifieds section and select either the appropriate category for your ad. Then click Post New Thread button at the top or at the bottom of the page. A new page will display for you to create your ad. Select a STATE prefix for your home state...
  5. H

    Classifieds Notification Issue

    im not sure if I've done something wrong but I'm getting a ton of notifications for classifieds I don't know how to make them stop.
  6. D

    How To Create A Firearm Classified (video)

    Here is a video on creating a firearm classified listing. If anyone has any problems just send me a message.
  7. D

    How To Leave Feedback/close Your Classified

    Once you've completed a classified, you can close it (leave no feedback) or you can "Mark as Completed" to leave feedback.
  8. D

    How To Bump Your Classifieds Back To The Top

  9. D

    How To Search The Gun Marketplace For Certain Listings

    If you want to see all the firearms that people are selling, trading, or looking to buy you can easily set a filter on the Ohio Firearms Marketplace. First navigate to the classifieds section by clicking the "Ohio Firearm Marketplace" link in the navigation bar above, or simply visit...
  10. dougiemac

    How To Find Your Threads Quickly and Easily

    Well without a full featured classified system, we have to use the regular forum features. There are many ways to quickly and easily find your content. One of the easiest ways to focus in on your content and specifically your threads is by using the search tool. Easiest ways to find your...
  11. dougiemac

    *** Classifieds Update ***

    Okay... Please do not use the link at the top to access and add classified ads as we will be transitioning to a forum thread ad setup and eliminating the classified ad system that we tried. Once all the ads have expired, I will turn that classified system off. Thanks, Doug
  12. dougiemac

    Classified Organization???

    Okay... I hope you guys don't mind me picking your brains and asking for help. If you do, fuck off. :) Just kidding. If you do, just ignore this and move on. If you don't mind and enjoy participating in the way the site is being built, then by all means, please voice your opinion. Next...