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  1. boss_hawg

    Good deal on A2 stock has a great deal on A2 stocks for $18. I picked one up even though my tastes have sauer’d on the fixed stock and caused me to switch most of my rifles to collapsible.
  2. boss_hawg

    9mm FSB with standard hand guard

    So if I wanted to have a 9mm upper with a front sight base and standard CAR hand guards, what should I use to keep the hand guard cap from rotating? Note that the 9mm doesn’t use a gas tube because it is straight blowback. Also my 9mm BCG is incompatible with a carbine gas tube. Does any...
  3. boss_hawg

    SureFire 6PX Pro

    Amazon has this light on sale for $39.99. Seems like a good deal to me!
  4. boss_hawg

    Appliance Maintenance/Repair

    Anyone have a recommendation for someone who can work on an electric dryer? Mine is shorting out (start-stopping every 4 seconds or so). I looked up the repair but I am not very knowledgeable on anything electric.
  5. boss_hawg

    Pump Shotguns

    Ok, these threads need to happen once about every six months. Haven't seen one lately so here goes... If you were buying a pump-action 12 gauge shotgun for home defense and maybe some hunting, which one would you buy and why? Remington 870, Mossberg 500/590, Winchester Defender, Benelli...
  6. boss_hawg

    Home AC Work

    My house's AC seems to not be working so well. Anyone on the SET in that line of work? Would definitely like to get an HVAC person out as soon as possible. My infant son isn't sleeping so well. Thanks and feel free to PM me!
  7. boss_hawg

    CMC Trigger $139
  8. boss_hawg

    baffle stack or monocore?

    ...and why would you choose one over the other? Go!
  9. boss_hawg

    Primary Weapon Systems MK116 Upper - Review

    This is part 1 of ? featuring my very amateurish review of the Primary Weapon Systems (PWS) MK116 Mod 1 upper. I will be updating periodically as I intend this to be a very in-depth, multi-session review. I hope to push the upper with extensive use over the next several months. First, what is...
  10. boss_hawg

    9mm ammo - 115 grain - Wideners

    Late night(ish) post Wideners has some - apparently - good deals on 9mm ammo if you're buying in bulk / 1k and like 115gr ammo. I think this is a good deal but I only buy 147gr subs now that I run suppressed 90% of the time. Note that I haven't bought ammo from Wideners and I don't know what...
  11. boss_hawg

    9mm barrel deals for AR

    ballistic advantage barrels for $75 to 85. a 9mm buffer for $15.
  12. boss_hawg

    Deal Alert: Colt PD turn-in uppers

    Below is the link to the unissued version which are LNIB for $550. They also have A, B, and C graded conditions for those looking for a bargain on some used models.
  13. boss_hawg

    MAK-90 Wood Modifications

    So...I traded into a very nice MAK-90 with a butthole stock (straight cut rear receiver) Should I install ironworks or timbersmith furniture and an aftermarket trigger to bring it to full 922r compliance, leave it alone (the butthole is not very comfortable for my hand), or modify the original...
  14. boss_hawg

    hey guys

    I'm new and wanted to swing on over here to see if the adventure was worth the cruise or some other non-sense like that. I promise to not comment on anyone's AK-105 build especially if they want to SBR a couple of inches off the end.