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Howard Law
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    Has anyone upgraded an old surefire or similar light?

    Trying to update my old Laser Products (surefire) forend to LED, and thought I ordered the correct unit for it but it doesnt fit. The base (brass end) is too big to fit in the flash light body. Can anyone steer me in the right direction? Id like to upgrade the existing light before just swapping...
  2. chance

    SOLD 5,000rd case of 22LR

    Ive had this case for about 3 years and its always been stored indoors. Ive moved to shooting pretty much only precision 22LR these days so im not going to be opening this for the forseeable future. $275 for SET
  3. chance

    SOLD Streamlight TLR1-HL with rifle kit 800lumen

    This has been an awesome light, and is in great shape. Only selling because I recently upgraded to an OWL. Includes box and everything as new, even the 3m tape for the pressure pad. This also comes with the pistol rear cap if you prefer to run that instead. $140 or trade for silver at $20/oz
  4. chance

    SOLD 100rd belt of M80A1 and tracers 7.62 Nato

    Ive got a 100 roubd belt of the newly issued armor piercing M80A1 7.62 nato ammo. Every 5th round is a tracer. This stuff is impressive and hard to find. It can fetch $10 a round on gunbroker, but I figured I would see if one of yall would be interested first at a better price. I would also...
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    SOLD SET pistol Lower

    Complete (minus buffer and spring) SET lower from the original run. I was running a 22lr upper on it, hence the no spring or buffer, but a buddy wanted my upper quite a bit so I sold it to him. In great condition and set up with a KAK blade and polished milspec trigger. These receivers were a...
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    Got my trump bucks in

    This should help stimulate the economy huh? hahaha On a more serious note, I havent got any fed money, and is anyone else concerned about how bad this is going to drive inflation?
  7. chance

    Make any 10/22 a takedown

    With a thumb screw from tandem kross. Magpul stocks require the simplest machine operation to work, but many stocks should work just fine with a simple replacement of the screw.
  8. chance

    GA Ruger BX 10/22 Trigger trade

    Im looking to swap my ruger BX trigger with a minor polishing job for a standard trigger assembly +$40. This trigger feels pretty awesome, but ive had an aftermarket trigger shoe laying around for years and it only fits the original trigger parts. Can adjust cash for an old metal ruger...
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    Finishing up projects during the quarantine

    I fucking hate how the world is reacting to this shit, but since my work schedule is all messed up I have more days off now, and am not the type to watch tv all day. ive always got lots of projects in the works, so ive been whittling away at them with the extra free time. Got my CAD/Gaming...
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    Cz457 finally all set up

    I dont think much will change after this, other than maybe the bipod at some point, but this cheapo works for now Once my order from targetsportsusa shows up, we will see what it can do. Have a brick of wolf match, sk magazine, and sk rifle match coming in. I can get cci standard in a ragged...
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    SOLD Zero Tolerance 0462 Sinkevich titanium and red carbon fiber

    Im putting my very nice ZT up for sale. The red carbon isnt done justice in my pics. Beautiful knife, factory edge, and barely carried. $150 for SET
  12. chance

    SOLD Gen 4 Glock 34

    The always fun to shoot g34. Comes with box, back straps, one mag and glock night sights that are fresh and very bright. Small amount of carry wear, but doesnt look like it was shot too much, and it was recently checked over by glock. $475
  13. chance

    GA Old Mac Toolbox $125 for SET

    Selling an older Mac tooldbox. Its not the prettiest, but its a solid box. Just the red box, with no tools. $125 Its a heavy and well made box probably from the 80’s. I bought it from its original owner about 4 years ago. Located in cartersville, but I work in powder springs if that helps.
  14. chance

    GA Silencerco 45 3-Lug mount

    check the link for specific details. It is for 45acp subguns like the APC45. Its in good shape and wasnt used much. $75
  15. chance

    GA Glock 34 threaded barrel

    Threaded barrel for glock 34, in 9mm with 1/2-28 threads. Only a few magazines through it. Bought it from peacegeek, and I believe it is an unmarked Storm Lake barrel. It is black nitride. Can provide pics shortly $60
  16. chance

    1989 BMW 535i

    Selling one of my cars. Its a fun reliable sedan, just dont need so many cars. Lots of recent maintenance. Good running, reliable car. Lots of fun with the manual transmission and RWD. Needs some cosmetic work like paint, butnis in mechanically very good shape. No rust and body is straight, so...
  17. chance

    GA Ar15 Mag Storage

    These are excellent for storing in your vehicle. I have two, one unopened in the box, and one like new no box. They hold 6 mags and can even accept ranger plates. Was going to mount them in a truck vault, just never got around to building the vault. $80 each, they cost $130 new each...
  18. chance

    GA 15” ar15 handguards

    15” light weight hand guard from zrodelta. Mlok slots at 3, 6, and 9 oclock, and 1913 rail along the top. These are brand new, never mounted. I decided to go a different direction. I have two available. $90 each
  19. chance

    GA Glock 21 Loki Tactical

    Gen 4 glock 21 with the full slide milling by Loki Tactical. Includes 5 mags, black point holster, glock brand threaded barrel, suppressor sights, and original box. The slide, barrel and small parts have been DLC coated. Check it out online if you are unfamiliar with DLC. Its an awesome coating...
  20. chance

    SOLD Ar Parts

    Putting some stuff that ive had for a while that im not sure if im going to build out or not. Mostly looking for cash. Might trade, but will be somewhat picky as there isnt much I need these days. Could use an LPVO, buffer tube kit, h335, geissele SD-SSP, maybe a quality 16”+ barrel War sport...