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Howard Law
  1. Kobayashi

    Traveling to New Jersey

    I'll be working in New Jersey for a few days this week. I won't be taking a gun with me, but I plan to carry a folding pocket knife. Anyone have any knowledge/experience with knife restrictions in New Jersey?
  2. Kobayashi

    Interesting fabrication project

    I found an interesting thread on a chevy forum where the OP was fabricating bumpers and a roof rack for his chevy pickup. The work looks pretty good, but what caught my attention was his use of an Xbox Kinect device attached to his computer to get a 3D scan of the truck for the design...
  3. Kobayashi

    This one looks funny

    The Hitman's Bodyguard
  4. Kobayashi

    Dam repair project and wildlife impact

    Started work on a dam replacement project this week. The lake has been drained to almost nothing, and the remaining fish/turtles/snakes are confined to this small area. The water is churning with battles over the limited territory.
  5. Kobayashi

    Foolish seller

    Yesterday I was having a private message conversation with a seller/trader. I should be clear that it wasn't someone on this site. He had a factory Palmetto State AR listed, and because his info was a little vague I wanted to find out a little more about the rifle. His response was interesting...
  6. Kobayashi

    CLOSED ***GONE***

  7. Kobayashi

    First AR

    I just traded for my first AR. It's probably not a good one since I don't know what I'm doing. Anyway I need stuff for it, so I was hoping that Vanguard was still around so that I could get some free parts and accessories.
  8. Kobayashi

    CLOSED ***Gone***

  9. Kobayashi

    I've often wondered...

    ...if you could tag (like wildlife) an often traded gun like a G19, and track its profit/loss over time - what would the total cash flow look like, and what would the cumulative profit be over several years.
  10. Kobayashi

    HVAC help

    A few days ago my air handler started acting up. The blower motor has been having trouble starting. When the outside unit powers up, the air handler blower motor kicks on and off every few seconds and takes between 5 and 20 attempts before it runs continuously. I replaced the capacitor, and it...
  11. Kobayashi

    Netflix documentary

    I just added this one to my Netflix watch list. Looks interesting, and it addresses a subject that has meaning to me:
  12. Kobayashi

    Taxes: How's it looking this year?

    In years past I've handled my own tax preparation. This year I had some extra complication so I opted to hand things over to my accountant. Of course he knew exactly how to handle it, so I ended up with a decent federal refund and only paid a few additional dollars in state tax. One thing I...
  13. Kobayashi

    Down to the wire: The Republican Primary Thread

    With the South Carolina primary just a few days away, does anyone expect any surprises in the results?
  14. Kobayashi

    Micarta Scales

    I have been wanting a set of scales for my carry knife, just something different than than the stock boring black. I like the matte finish micarta scales on my GSO 5, but I havent found anyone who makes them for my application - at least not for a reasonable cost. I decided to try making a set...
  15. Kobayashi

    What should you be buying now?

    We all have cars from our past that we should have bought when they were affordable. There are too many cars that I should have bought in the 90s - Datsun Z cars at $3k, IH Scouts for $1K when nobody wanted one, early 80s Toyota trucks before they all but disappeared. So here is the question...
  16. Kobayashi

    Practical church carry

    The subject of church carry has been a topic of discussion since the passage of HB60, but only in the last few weeks has it been brought to the forefront of my thinking. The subject has the potential to be both complex and controversial for many churches, though I won't try to address all of...
  17. Kobayashi

    Is anyone else meh about suppressors?

    I haven't been able to get excited about buying a suppressor. It isn't that I don't understand the benefits. I have a problem with the artificial expense involved with acquiring one. Paying a tax for the privilege of owning one - no thanks. As for the purchase price - it's a chunk of machined...
  18. Kobayashi

    Recipe Orion convection cooker

    Has anyone tried the Orion convection cooker/smoker? It's priced well for an all stainless unit, and is supposed to reduce cooking time without sacrificing quality.
  19. Kobayashi

    Inexpensive Red Dot

    I'm working on a new rifle, my first project in a while. I've never tried a red dot sight, but I'd like to try one with this 556/223 setup. The rifle is cheap, and the sight needs to be also - as cheap as possible without buying a piece of crap. There are plenty of online reviews for these...
  20. Kobayashi

    Netflix picks up Gilmore Girls for a limited series revival

    Whatever delivery system puts Lauren Graham back on TV - I'm all for it. Gilmore Girls Limited-Series Revival Set at Netflix — This Is Not a Drill This Just In: We’re getting those final four words! Sources confirm that Netflix has closed a deal with Warner Bros. for a limited-series...