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Howard Law
  1. Kobayashi

    Marlin Texan - Bullseye Replacement

    I refinished this Marlin 336 a few years ago, both the bluing and wood finish. At the time, one issue that I didn't address was replacing the missing bullseye in the stock. Someone in the past had attached a sling mount to the stock, putting wood screw through the bullseye. The original drilled...
  2. Kobayashi

    CLOSED ***GONE***

  3. Kobayashi

    Opinions : Benelli M1

    I've been offered one in trade but I'm not that familiar with them. Opinions? Issues to look for? Value? Sent from my SM-G970U using Tapatalk
  4. Kobayashi

    WTB Closed

  5. Kobayashi

    WTB WTB Smith revolver

    Interested in either a 3" 686 or a model 60 in .357.
  6. Kobayashi

    SOLD ***Gone*** Sig P365

  7. Kobayashi

    Sig P365 - another holster option

    I discovered today that this holster, designed to fit a commander sized 1911, is a perfect fit for the Sig P365 - retention strap and all. Its a Blackhawk CQC size 01 for 1911.
  8. Kobayashi


    I just caught 1917 at the theater last night, and it's one of the best films I've seen in a while. Its definitely worth seeing on the big screen.
  9. Kobayashi

    Car stereo

    I'm in the market for a double DIN stereo for my wife's car. The problem I'm having trouble finding something that doesn't light up like the Vegas strip. Do any companies make a more conservative unit, one with decent features but without the bright constantly moving light show?
  10. Kobayashi


    The guy remodeling the house across the street just found this one in one of the bathrooms. Anyone know what this is?
  11. Kobayashi

    Project Cars - post your progress

    I picked up a new project car this week, a 2010 Crown Victoria police car. I was in the market for a project, and while this wasn't what I was looking for, I have a soft spot for these dinosaurs. The auction described this one as having a bad engine, but I was able to check it out in person and...
  12. Kobayashi

    G-Shock revival

    I've always been a fan of Casio watches, and I've had several models over the years. The older model G-Shock watches appeal to me because of the solid features like solar charging, atomic clock sync, 200m water resistance, ability to survive abuse. More importantly, the case sizes are reasonable...
  13. Kobayashi

    An irritating (probable) trend

    I've had a Vanguard investment account for over 15 years. I just logged into the account and was informed that I would not be able to proceed until I provide my phone number for 'additional security'. I'm locked out of my own account until I provide my phone number.
  14. Kobayashi

    Caption this

    Just took this pic in my garage a few minutes ago.
  15. Kobayashi

    Uberti Carbine

    Every few years I get an illogical desire to have an Uberti 1873 carbine in 357. Its a beautiful piece, but I have no need for it - just want. Im looking for reasons to either buy or avoid. Opinions?
  16. Kobayashi

    Netflix/Amazon - what to watch

    I just finished watching the mini-series "Godless". The best Netflix original I've seen so far.
  17. Kobayashi

    Finished a Polymer80 build

    I just finished my first attempt at a Polymer80 Glock frame. There's a little bit of a learning curve to get it right. Luckily there's a wealth of info online aka learning from the mistakes of others. I haven't test fired it yet, but I've got the slide and trigger smoothed out nicely. On this...
  18. Kobayashi

    Google Alexa

    This Christmas one of the gifts I received was one of these new Echo Dot Amazon devices that responds to voice commands to play music, audio books, send messages, control other devices, etc. To put it mildly, I'm not a fan of such devices. I have even disabled the Google app on my phones as it...
  19. Kobayashi


    I'm working on an old 1994 Silverado with OBD1. I had an check engine light (code 21) that pointed to a bad TPS. Supposedly a good TPS should show less than .74 volts at idle (no pedal) and gradually rise to 5 volts at full throttle. I've now installed two different replacement parts that show...
  20. Kobayashi

    SOLD ***Gone***