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Howard Law
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    Indiana About to Ban License to Carry Handgun
  2. dougiemac

    Ax Restoration

    Does anyone do legacy ax restoration? I have an ax from each of my grandfathers. They’re probably 75 years old or more. I don’t want them to lose their character but I would like to make them an heirloom. Does anyone have any recommendations where to go for this? Thanks.
  3. dougiemac

    FREE STUFF Oregon 93-631 Mower Mulcher Blade

    FREE: Oregon 98-631 - 21” rotary blade Brand New Center hole: bow-tie Aggressive blade angle increases air flow to push debris up and out for superior bagging or side discharge Gator Mulcher provides cleaner, more efficient cutting performance can eliminate the need to bag, saving time and...
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    CLOSED Steel Edger Blades

    FREE: Steel blades for an edger. Not sure, but could become anything you want if you’re a steel craftsman / knife maker.
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    CLOSED RV Black Water Hose (aka Poo Hose)

    I bought an RV for deer camp but have no need for water hookup since we have a bath house on site. So this Rhino black water hose is up for grabs. It’s cleaned, so no worries there. First come gets it!
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    Biden Won’t Rule Out EO Against 2nd Amendment
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    Valentine’s Day Meals

    So let’s see those Valentine’s Day meals. Whether you went out to a fancy shmancy restaurant or you took things into your own hands, let’s see what was the meal celebrating your love. Bonus Points if you post a picture of your Valentine’s!
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    2020 Best States for Gun Owners

    Georgia edges out the Top 10 at number 11.
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    Rep. Shiela Jackson Calls for Radical Gun Control

    Check this crazy shit out.
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    Kalash Klub Design

    Happy Friday you knuckle draggers. I’ve worked long and hard on this. It wasn’t the direction I originally wanted to go. I wanted to go with a more retro iconic look, however you all spoke and as a good leader, I listened. I want your feedback before I send this to print.
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    Record Number of Georgians Buying Firearms
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    Aimpoint Surplus Deals
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    AK Red Dot Optic Mount

    Where’s my Kalash optic mount experts? What’s your favorite red dot optic mount for an Arsenal SLR107? Ultimak, Midwest Industries, something else? Looking for something light weight to throw my Aimpoint micro t1 onto one of my choppa’s. Thanks.
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    AK-47 Kalashnikov : The Movie

  15. dougiemac

    GA Smith & Wesson Shield 9mm Magazines

    Safe cleaning time! New in box, Smith & Wesson Shield 9mm 8 round Magazines. Total 6 magazines for sale $20 ea *willing to ship on your dime or meet near Woodstock, GA.
  16. dougiemac

    A Somber Day in America 2021

    Commentary: Today is not a happy day for America. Today is not a day of celebration. Today, January 20, 2021 the political establishment seized powered again. The federal government will grow, socialism will take a deeper foothold in our nation, inflation will rise, our economy will be...
  17. dougiemac

    Biden to Exercise Executive Orders Immediately

    Creepy Joe is set to sign a whopping 17 executive orders (assuming he has the energy to sign his names that many times). Here's the full list, as described by the transition team: Launch a "100 Days Masking Challenge" and Leading by Example in the Federal Government Re-Engage with the World...
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    Talk About a 2A Violation by Airlines
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    My Pillow CEO with Notes About Martial Law

    “Photographs of MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell went viral Friday after social media users were able to catch glimpses of notes he was holding as he walked outside the White House following a meeting with President Trump. Zoomed-in shots of the photographs, taken by Washington Post photographer Jabin...
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    Welcome to the Kalash Klub!

    Welcome to the Kalash Klub! The home for all things Kalashnikov! If you love AK47, AK74, AKM, VZ, and what ever other flavor of Kalashnikov you favor, then this is the place for you! Ask questions, provide answers, or just sit down and dump a mag about anything and everything with AK folk. We...