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  1. fyroc

    TECC/TCCC Online Courses

    I know there is a good amount of Mil and EMS folk, so maybe I can get some recommendations. I’m looking for a basic TECC/TCCC online course for my own personal knowledge. I’m not sure if a certification can be done online, but I’m not really looking to be certified (if it’s possible, that’s a...
  2. fyroc

    Make your Shopify Store Easier!

    Hey guys, I'm now starting to specialize in Shopify development. If you need a custom app or just need some help making your Shopify Store work easier for you, contact me!
  3. fyroc

    Let's have some fun.

    What gun and caliber combination would you use to kill Big Foot? I was thinking a Marlin .45-70 Asking for a friend of course.
  4. fyroc

    Virtual Gun Safe

    Does anyone have use for a small desktop application that allows you to keep track with all of your firearms, ammo, and accessories? I am experimenting with some new technology and wouldn't mind creating an actual working application instead of just creating something for the heck of it.
  5. fyroc

    Rattlecan Shotty

    I have some Magpul FDE Aluma‑Hyde and want to paint my cheap pump shotty. I dont want to take it apart fully. Think I can get away with only taking it apart a bit as long as I plug up the necessary holes?
  6. fyroc

    Remote Pilots License

    I just received my remote pilots license. I'm planning on helping out farmers mainly. I want to start surveying and mapping out their farms so they can see which areas need more or less water. Also, photography is pretty cool.
  7. fyroc

    Stainless M&P Shield Project

    I hijacked the Glock slide thread a few days ago asking questions about aftermarket M&P Shield slides. I wanted something stainless so I didnt have to worry about the black paint scratching since it is my EDC and I some how manage to beat the shit out of all of my EDCs. Lucky enough the slide is...
  8. fyroc

    Cheap Bulk SHTF/Defense 12 Gauge Shells

    Since there is a similar thread about the more expensive tactical ammo, does anyone have any good cheap stuff? I currently use 00 magnum loads.. my question is, what is cheap so I can purchase 1000 or more rounds of it?
  9. fyroc

    PA 2011Kawasaki Ninja 650r Track Bike Hybrid

    Make and Model: 2011 Kawasaki Ninja 650r Milage 10,000 Location/Zip: Philly Item is For Sale or Trade or Both: Both Trade Value or Items Looking For: $4300 (or a 50 BMG) Willing to Ship: No Bill of Sale Required?: No Item Description: I have a candy burnt orange 2011 Kawasaki Ninja 650r...
  10. fyroc

    AR15 Barrel Shortening

    I like my current AR barrel because of the amount of wear on it. I really dont want a new one.. Does anyone know where I can get my 16" barrel shortened to 14.7 and pin the muzzle device for me?
  11. fyroc

    Buying a House

    I'm about to be 100% debt free. No more car payments, credit cards are all at $0... By January 1st... I will not owe anyone anything. So I'm thinking about purchasing a house. Specifically a home in the Smoky Mountains. I am also thinking about getting a small camper... since I work from home...
  12. fyroc

    Recipe Easiest Cold Brew

    Cold Brew is a method of brewing coffee without using hot water, but instead using cold water. This usually creates a smoother and less acidic coffee with great flavors. It also is more caffeinated and does not have to be cold when you drink it. There are several methods of making Cold Brew...
  13. fyroc

    WTB AR Parts

    14.5 or 14.7 inch barrel pinned flash hider with FSP H2 Buffer
  14. fyroc

    You can shoulder the Shockwave Blade

    After doing some research I came across this: ATF Says That Shouldering Shockwave Blade is Okay! I just got off the phone with a very nice gentleman at ATF Tech Branch—who was fielding these calls today. (He was, understandably, very well versed on the subject—and very nice about it even though...
  15. fyroc

    Do you like coffee?

    On May 4th I started a coffee company called NerdRoast Coffee Co. Ever since its release I have gotten very positive feedback on both the company, and the coffee's quality. NerdRoast is a premium small-batch, roast to order coffee company, with a nerdy twist. I invite SET to try it for...
  16. fyroc

    Hand Forged Pocket Knife

    Does anyone around here do this? I'm interested in buying. Doesn't have to be a folder, just needs to be pocket sized.
  17. fyroc

    Selling My Motorcycle

    I have a 2011 Ninja 650r that has been modded as a track bike hybrid. It has custom Rearsets and the handlebars have been replaced with sport bars. The V-Twin has perfect torque for twisty tracks and windy roads. I'm thinking about selling her.... I have yet to ride her and have had plenty of...
  18. fyroc

    Tennessee Carry

    I'm going to be doing a road trip to TN next week. I've always wanted to check out Nashville and Pigeon Forge, so we are doing that for a week. We'll probably hit up Knoxville and and a couple of other small cities as well. Is there any place I should know about that I shouldn't carry...
  19. fyroc

    To inform or not to inform

    I recently go into a debate about whether you should inform an LEO that you have a firearm or not. This debate started due to this article. I use to be a firearms instructor when I was in...
  20. fyroc

    Candy Manufacture

    Does anyone know of one? I have a great idea for a candy and looking for someone who knows something about it. Specifically gummies.