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Howard Law
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    Wells Fargo issues $40m to Ruger

    Well, well, well.
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    UK - Pensioner 78 arrested after burglar stabbed in his home

    Thought you guys might find this... Interesting.
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    Zimbabwe lion cull?

    In 2016 after that whole Cecil fiasco, there was talk of a cull of up to 200 lions because of the lack of hunters. Does anyone know if that happened, can you link the story? I googled it but the same articles kept popping up. Appreciate ya.
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    Scott Adams, breaking down Trumps moves.

    So Scott Adams, creator of the Dilbert cartoon, predicted Trumps win about 15 months before the election. When we all still thought it was a publicity stunt and the Dems thought it was a joke. And the guy isn't a republican, I think he describes himself as a liberal or classical libera. The...
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    Joe Rogan Podcast w/ Cameron Hanes

    Quite a lot of talk on hunting, first hour in has basically all been that so far. Thought you guys might enjoy it.
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    Full tang Mora

    Much excite! Really, I've been waiting for this for a while. Their regular little $10 things are amazing, this knife is going to be awesome.
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    What are you and are you worth learning about and trading? Esplain it like I'm 5ive pliz.
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    Best Youtube hunting channels

    What's you guyzesezezessessesezez recommendations for good, entertaining, infomatical youtube channels. Been enjoying Deermeatfordinner for a while now, some cool adventures and cooking, me loves food.
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    How to repair stripped threads in a 3rd world sh!t hole

    AvE is one of my all time favourite YT channels, awesome knowledge and just comedy throughout, i'll share more if anyone cares for other stuff. This might be common knowledge to some but for me, as someone who doesn't work with machines or whatever at all this is basically wizardry. Follow...
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    The $Money$ Thread

    I've seen some of you guys talking about stocks and (what I consider to be) huge sums of money. Well, some of us are younger, some of us have student loans and work at Starbucks. So, I thought It might be a great and interesting thread to get some info squeezed outta you in-the-know guys. Now...
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    TX student arrested for making clock
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    Unwatching threads

    Instead of doing my own testing I thought I'd just ask. If I comment in a thread and unfollow it, say maybe someones introduction thread. Will I still get notifications if my comment is replied to or liked?
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    Thundercats - Worldstarhiphop version

    Tunda Cyats hoo!
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    Beat It

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    The adblockers apathy

    If any of you guys use adblockers seriously consider disabling them when you come here or your other frequented sites, and when you watch your fav youtubers. It actively deprives this place and those others from the revenue they need to run, revenue garnered through no cost to yourselves...
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    Survivor Library

    You might wonna get your printer ready... Just click on the subject that interests you today (there's at least 10 files for each), all in pdf format. Great resource.
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    Defensive ammo list

    Doc GKR is THE authority on ammo... Wouldn't it be great if there were somewhere you could go to see a list of approved rounds? All hail the list: You're welcome. P.s. If you don't know who Doc Roberts is, unfuxx yo'self.
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    Our newest member

    I love the internet.
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    login/register location

    The hyper link thing on my phone today was almost impossible to click with my dumb fingers. Kept clicking the banner. Might be worth repositioning it, if others have the same issue. Don't know if it helps but I'm on an android. Maybe thats useful for a tech wizard.