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  1. ~ZENAS~

    Oooh’s here!

    Those are homophones, not homonyms. Proper word choice can be the critical difference between being understood, or having people running around in confusion. :p On a much more serious note, La Croix: water that seems to have at one point been in the same room as fruit.
  2. ~ZENAS~

    Space Force is Approved

    I'm not saying they aren't wasting money in many ways. But if you can't see the threat posed by other nations with space access (China, Russia, etc...) then I don't know what to tell you. There are infinite ways a country can use space access to pose a risk to the US. I mean just destroying all...
  3. ~ZENAS~

    Space Force is Approved

    Not having adequate military defense has destroyed more nations that debt ever has. Exponentially. And if technology is leading the fight to space (and it clearly is), any nation with inferior capabilities in space will be defenseless. That's all I got to say about that.
  4. ~ZENAS~

    Space Force is Approved

    And the Army had the air corps well covered before they split and made the Air Force. All it is is giving that Space Command a separate branch to emphasize how that area of the Air Force will necessarily grow in coming years.
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    Who is Chuck Canterbury !!!

    LOL that article claims he is a 2nd amendment supporter based on a statement he made while testifying IN SUPPORT of Sotomayor, where he says he doesn't see her as a threat to the 2nd amendment. That should tell you his idea of what is harmful to the 2nd amendment right there.
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    Truth. How about you?

    I just tell my kid to move to the other side of the table then.
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    School Shootings

    One thing everyone needs to keep in mind is that even with 12 shootings this year, given the total population and number of schools in the US, schools shootings are EXTREMELY rare. So much so that researchers say the number is so statistically insignificant that we can't even extrapolate a...
  8. ~ZENAS~

    Next Couple Of Days

    My deepest sympathy. I will pray for you and your family in this time.
  9. ~ZENAS~

    The Verdict Is In... Vaccinate your Kids

    There is no way of knowing that your parents' choice didn't hurt anyone. That's the thing about herd immunity, even if you never come into contact with the disease, the fact that you are part of a group of unvaccinated in the population, the herd immunity breaks down and many people are at risk...
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    The Verdict Is In... Vaccinate your Kids

    Those are standard possible side effects for any treatment of the immune system. When you put your immune system into action, our body's means of fighting infection happen. Our body naturally raises its temperature to help kill off any infection that might be there. and so you might notice...
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    The Verdict Is In... Vaccinate your Kids

    You can't get measles from the vaccine. Another misconception out there. And the vaccine results in 97% of those who got both doses being completely immune to the virus. So while it is possible to get the vaccine and still get measles if you are in the 3% who don't develop the immunity (an...
  12. ~ZENAS~

    Man charged with first degree murder for shooting an armed home invader.

    The real culprit here is once again Washington. Once they mandated that pain level is a vital statistic and must be treated they tied the doctor's hands. They force them to treat pain. And of course, pain is subjective and they have to take a patient's word for it. So it created a system ripe...
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    Man charged with first degree murder for shooting an armed home invader.

    One of the first things God ever did was make a plant illegal. You trying to tell me God was wrong?
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    Man charged with first degree murder for shooting an armed home invader.

    You realize heroin comes from a plant too, right? Or does that one not fit the "don't criminalize a plant" rhetoric?
  15. ~ZENAS~

    And It Begins

    Quoted for truth!
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    Hearing Protection Act Re-Introduced

    If I recall correctly, it was introduced and had some momentum before the Vegas shooting. Then all the talk of the bumpstocks and what not sort of derailed it's momentum and they all got scared of pushing pro-gun legislation through. Repealing NFA would be my first priority (as well as GCA)...
  17. ~ZENAS~

    Missouri Senate Bans All Federal Gun Control Laws in Proposed Bill

    States should stop relying on federal money anyway.