Camping trip in June

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Dec 5, 2016
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Great weekend hanging out with you guys!

Thanks @Red Dawn for the awesome deer burgers, y’all really didn’t have to wait the meal on me, I’d have been happy enough with cold deer burgers at 10:30 at night.

Also, thanks @FatAlbert for the bacon wrapped mushroom appetizers. I gotta add that to my camping menu!!

@dial1911 did a great job assisting with the big meal, and none of the bitching and whining I’m used to from my old camp buddies! That extra box you took back to the shore for me was my saving grace - I had the canoe stacked up like a 1700s fur trader when I finally left.

It was also nice to see @Cudruln again for more than 2 minutes (you work too much, dude), and to meet your son and @Red Dawn ’s son. It’s amazing how much they look alike even though they have different mothers. :wink:

Glad a few of you took pics, and especially glad those pics don’t include what I looked like. Now I can still sneak up on other unaware SET members!!
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