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  • Franken-Bling Dust and The Rise of Custom Seasonings posted by admin.
    So my friend Billy Brooke known as @macmaninc on the interwebs (check him out on Instagram), makes some mean “dust” that he has dubbed, “Franken-Bling. If you’re unfamiliar with what “dust” is,...
  • Response to The Retardation of the Firearms Industry posted by admin.
    Recently an article was published by the Havoc Journal titled, “The Retardation of the Firearms Industry” by Steve Cee. In this article, Mr. Cee’s opinionated commentary points out some very hard...
  • So Facebook Has Gone And Done It! posted by admin.
    This week mark Zuckerberg announced that it is changing it’s policy on it’s social platforms Instagram and Facebook regarding the buying, selling and exchanging of firearms on those platforms....
  • Personal Responsibility posted by NWS.
    “How can you be so passionate about gun rights?” This is a question a friend and colleague asked me the other day. “To be honest with you man, being so tied up in inanimate objects isn’t healthy”...
  • NFA Lawyers’ Initial Review of Final Ruling ATF 41P posted by admin.
    Here is the initial review of the law as written by Dean Phillips at who is a valued member of SoutheastTraders, a trusted friend, and our go to legal counsel for all things NFA and...

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